What is Metal Wall Art: 5 Tips For Collecting Metal Art Prints For The Home Or Office

What is Metal Wall Art: 5 Tips For Collecting Metal Art Prints For The Home Or Office

Metal Wall Art is a hot trend in home decor.  Metal wall décor is both beautiful and durable.  Choosing wall art in metal is a great choice for most décor styles. From farmhouse to coastal, from traditional to contemporary, metal wall décor can fit into your space. To optimize the effect and beauty of the metal, selecting photographic prints on metal as your wall décor can provide a vibrant addition to your home or office. They can provide you with a large range of subjects and fit into any existing setting.


  1. Decorative Metal Wall Art Prints Are Unique


A decorative metal wall art print is a special photographic process involving direct printing on the metal’s natural brushed aluminum surface. Metal photographic prints offer an incredibly vibrant pop with a beautiful vintage touch. The metal wall décor as a medium not only protects the photograph but also provides a glossy finish that really makes the image shine. The soft texture of the metal provides an artistic nuance for the photograph. The result is a perfect combination.


  1. Metal Wall Art Is Durable


Metal wall art cannot be beaten in durability. Decorative metal prints are incredibly scratch-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and even water-resistant. This means they can be used in situations such as bathrooms and high traffic areas where traditional photographic art would be damaged. Most decorative metal wall art pieces are printed on Dibond, a composite material that consists of two sheets of aluminum sandwiching a flexible plastic core. This combination provides the artwork with both stability and durability.


  1. Metallic Wall Décor is UV Resistant


Metallic wall décor is made to last with photographic images that won’t fade due to UV exposure.  We all have those photographs from our childhood that are now faded into strange orange and green hues. This is due to the reaction of the inks on the photographic papers to the UV light in sunlight. Unfortunately, many art collectors fail to consider UV exposure when collecting art and before long, their new masterpieces fade into nothingness. Metallic wall décor uses archival inks and special UV filters in the printing process. The print technology combined with the printing method and the materials used allow for the metallic wall decor to be incredibly resistant to UV damage.


  1. Metal Wall Art Does Not Need A Frame

Metal wall art is ready to hang when you purchase it.  Though you can buy a metallic wall décor piece already framed, you can also enjoy the full look of the photograph without a frame to distract from the image.  This format works especially well in contemporary and modern settings by providing a very clean and polished style to the wall décor. For more discussion about how to hang your wall art, see my article 8 Tips for Hanging Wall Art Like A Pro.


  1. Metal Photographic Wall Art Prints Art Easy To Clean


Metal photographic wall art prints are easy to clean.  This is especially true when comparing metal photographic prints to other forms of wall art. Using a soft cloth and a dab of rubbing alcohol or glass cleaner will keep your print looking new. It is always best to remove the wall art from the wall before cleaning and use a light touch. 


In summary, metal wall art is a great option for homes and offices of any style.  The variety and color selections available in photographic metal wall décor will provide you with decorating solutions for all your trouble spaces.


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