How to Hang Art On Walls Without Making Holes: 7 Ideas

How to Hang Art On Walls Without Making Holes: 7 Ideas

Hanging artwork is an exciting and easy way to update your home décor or office décor. If you rent your space or if you frequently change the artwork in your space, you may want methods for hanging art without making holes in the wall. Your lease may prevent you from using traditional hanging methods.  Or perhaps you enjoy changing your wall art with the seasons.  This article will provide you with 7 ideas on how to hang art on walls without making a hole.

  1. Hang Artwork On A Room Divider

Room dividers are a great option for displaying artwork without creating a hole in the wall. By placing a room divider in front of the wall in question, you can hang the artwork on the divider rather than the wall itself.  This is also a great way to change out artwork easily or move the art from room to room. Room dividers come in a variety of styles and can match any home décor.  They work in any room including living rooms, bedrooms, and offices. Sturdy room dividers can stand alone with the artwork to divide a space with your favorite collection of wall art at the ready.

  1. Hang Wall Art On Wire Grids

Wire Grids offer a modern and industrial look to hang wall art. Place the wire grid along a wall and use grid hooks or wire to hang your art. Wire Grids are used for the display of art at art fairs and galleries.  Many stand on their own and are portable. They come in the traditional metal wire as well as in black and white. Add a corkboard and lightweight potted plants for a utilitarian look.

  1. Hang Wall Art From the Ceiling

If you have tiled ceilings and are not allowed to make holes in the walls, suspend your art from the ceiling using chain, rope, or wire. Wrapping the wire or chain in fabric can add an additional touch to your décor, allowing it to blend in with your existing style.  If your style is more industrial or rustic, leaving the wire or chain bare can add a structural element to the art.

  1. Display Wall Art On An Easel

Large wall art can be displayed nicely on easels. Easels can be found at art supply stores and some framing stores.  Be sure to look for sturdy easels used by artists when considering displaying large artwork.  These displays can be heavy and smaller, less sturdy easels may topple under the weight of the large artwork.

  1. Display Artwork On A Shelf

Displaying Wall Art on a shelf rather than hanging the artwork on a wall can be a great option to both avoid holes in your wall and create a multidimensional display.  As I discussed in my article 8 Tips for Hanging Wall Art Like A Pro, leaning artwork against the wall along a shelf makes a wonderful method to display a collection of art. Stack several pieces overlapping and the display becomes multidimensional.

  1. Hang Wall Art Using Magnetic Paint

Use magnetic paint to hang wall art without making holes. By painting your wall with magnetic paint and then applying magnets to the back of the wall art, you can easily arrange and swap out art as you see fit.  This is a great tip when you want to create a gallery or salon wall as I discuss in my article, 8 Tips for Hanging Wall Art Like A Pro, gallery and salon walls are a fun way to display collections of artwork on a wall. Magnetic paint will allow you to move and rearrange the grouping for the perfect fit.

  1. Lean Wall Art Against the Wall

Another option for displaying artwork without making holes in your walls is to take inspiration from artist studios.  Leaning artwork against the wall – especially large pieces – can be a dynamic and contemporary display method. By stacking multiple large pieces along a wall, you can create a multidimensional look much like the display shelf but on a larger scale. Moving pieces around to change the dominant colors or theme that is visible is a snap with this method.

If you lease your space or are not keen to put holes in your walls, you can still display your favorite wall art. By using these 7 creative ideas to hang wall art without creating holes in your walls, you can create a look for your space that is all your own.

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