How to Buy Art Online For Your Home Or Office: 5 Tips To Collecting Art

Buy Art Online From An Artist With Whom You Develop A Relationship

Buying fine art online for an art collection can be an expensive proposition.  Before you choose to collect art from an online artist, develop a relationship with an artist or photographer whose work in which you are considering investing.  Seek out their social media profiles.  Do they have online communities you can be a part of? Schedule a consultation call with the fine art photographer or artist. Better yet, schedule a Zoom call so that you can talk in person.  By developing a relationship, you have a direct line of communication should any issues with the fine art piece arise.

Buy Art Online From Photographers and Artists Where You Have Insight Into Their Artistic Process

Part of the value of fine art photography or fine art paintings comes from the artist’s skill in creating the work. Do your research into the artist’s process.  Does the photographer or artist post insight into their process online?  Does their process look like it will stand the test of time? Collecting fine art is an investment that you will want to increase in value over time.  If the artist’s process appears to be simple, lacks the skill, or does not seem to improve or evolve over time, these can be red flags that your art investment may not perform as well as you may hope.

Buy Art Online From Artists and Photographers Who Are Proven In The Field

Both emerging artists and long-time artists should have proof of the value of their art.  Before you buy fine art online from an artist or photographer for your home or office ask the artist if they have a CV of recent awards and exhibitions.  An example of what an artist should be able to provide you can be found HERE. If the photographer or artist is emerging in their field, look to see if they have been growing in their awards and exhibition work rather than for a lengthy CV. When buying from a known name, see if the artist can provide you with references to assure you of product quality.

Buy Art Online From Fine Art Photographers And Artists With Shopping Security

When buying fine art photography or buying limited edition art online it is easy to become emotionally wrapped up in the purchase.  Buying luxury art online from an artist directly should come with the same guarantees as buying from a mainstream art retailer. Look for the “S” after “HTTP” in the artist’s website to ensure that you are purchasing from a secure website. Do not send cash, check, or money orders to an artist.  Insist on a valid shopping cart option for your fine art purchase transaction.  Before you click to buy, look for professional affiliations by the artist, such as a Trusted Seller’s Organization or Professional Photographers of America.  These types of affiliations can provide you with assurances that you are dealing with a professional seller.

Buy Art Online From Photographers and Artists Who Are Active In Their Industries

Buying fine art online from a photographer or artist who is active in their respective industry gives you the peace of mind that they keep their knowledge and skills up to date. By following the artist or photographer’s social media accounts you can see who they interact with within their fields.  Do they have followers of their work by other artists and galleries?  Does the artist or photographer follow industry experts? Check the posting of your potential artist to see if they are participating in workshops or coaching.  Perhaps your artist is known in their industry as a subject matter expert through their writing as an author. This type of research can provide insight into the future value of the artwork you are buying online.

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